About this site


Welcome to Hell's newsletter, born in the empire of Heaven, brought into being by purgatorial excess.

daphnis mxxn is a weekly independent publication launched in May 2022 by daphnis. If you subscribe today, you'll get full access to this cute & cool website as well as newsletters from me in thy inbox.

What's in it?

Check it out:

  • New and unreleased art from me
  • Along with work I dig up from my past
  • I'll also share art other people made that inspires me

I want to present my work in continuity with itself and with the community of people who've helped me to exist and grow. It's much more possible to do that on a platform where I have more control.

You can expect full releases and sneak peeks of projects I'm working on. Comics, art, short stories, serialized fiction, poetry, and songs about trans teenagers in a noise band who regularly fight over whose turn it is to feed the cat in their practice space all have a home here. It'll all be woven together with stories from my life (including ones I wouldn't put on Twitter lol) and uncategorizable bizarre art that would never fly on social media.

As for past projects, there's all kinds of shit. Want to see a hacked version of Microsoft Paint I made for my friend to express a crush I had on them and then denied? Yeah, you might get to see that.

The newsletter is intended for 18+ audiences.

How much does it cost?

You can subscribe free or paid. I'll release two paid posts and two free posts per month. If you're a paid subscriber, you'll get access to the library of all past paid posts.

If you're white and cisgender and you wanna support this effort, I suggest paying for a subscription. Your support helps me to make the free posts available to everyone, along with my work on other platforms, including my vast universe of stoner vampire memes.

10% of income from this site goes directly to BIPOC trans people via direct donation on the day payment comes through from Ghost. I'll send the money via Cashapp or Venmo depending on what app works best for the person receiving the funds and report on how much was given in the following post.

When does it get released?

You'll get an email in your inbox at 9AM ET on Saturdays, and it'll be available on this site.

  • 1st week of the month: Free post available to all subscribers
  • 2nd and 3rd weeks of the month: Paid subscription posts
  • 4th week of the month: Daphnis rests and participates in cursed activities

OK now what :x

Subscribe! If for no other reason than that there is a .03% chance it will infect you with vampirism, you will be transformed, none shall dare condescend to you, the blood of heathens shall flow through you, the arcane symbols of capital will cease to mean anything and --