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Coming soon: Issue zero zero

the daphnis mxxn logo over a stormy sky
the newsletter descends from a troubled sky

There first issue of daphnis mxxn, available to both free and paid subscribers, is gonna drop this Saturday, 5/14/22 at 9AM ET.

The newsletter will slowly descend from the fog-laden sky, yet indiscernible, until it gingerly lands on this earth. And your inbox. Also, this sick website.

Lovingly sealed within the first issue:

  • Internet flirting in the times of antiquity
  • Capcom universe erotic fanfiction
  • Interview with a vampire who just wants to crawl inside a hole and not die forever
  • And, impossibly, more

If you're subscribed, you'll get it here and in your inbox. Please proceed with subscribing, if you so desire.