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Binary Stars

I really need to tell you about this game hell lovers: perpetua.
cute character with a sweat drop emoji and a strange purple building in the background
secret message to daphnis future not to finish the zine on the day of release

I spent a lot of my time this past week sleeping. I read Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto, along with a lot of other books, and I rested. I don't have a longer intro this week. Cutting right to the good shhhiiitttt.

This week

I made a comic, hell lovers: perpetua. There might be more of it in the future. I'm proud of it and excited to take the comic wherever it goes next. Apparently, I'm a fan of scrolling comics that go hard on vertical reading. I wanted to make something that expressed joy along with hardship and I think I feel this in the comic. It's got that sensation of being really, really into a special interest and needing to talk about it. It's pretty cute :3

It's a little small on mobile, so let me know if it's totally unreadable on your devices. I wanna make stuff that people can look at on whatever device they have. The comic is part of the reason I'm publishing this publicly rather than to subscribers only. I really wanna share stuff more broadly when I can.

The recording of Queer Games Telethon is also here! I've included that down below. You'll recognize my art in the promo + stream overlay designs. That event was a huge amount of fun to work on with Syn and all the other amazing performers.

The Queer Games Bundle the telethon was in support of is currently 86% towards their goal with a few days left to buy it, so please support if you can! There are so many amazing games in the bundle.

hell lovers: perpetua

hey! it's bel666 from the other site.
what's up? you mentioned you're ok with me info dumping here in dms, so i'm gonna take you up on that.
no need to respond right away. i know you're busy these days.
when you see this it's gonna be like 25 unreads, i'm sooo sorry.
so i found this fighting game made in MUGEN 12 years ago. it's set in hell, the characters are cute and it's fucking evil.
footnote: M.U.G.E.N is a 2D fighting game engine often used for diy projects.
it looks like the team was three people. i can't find much about it other than an archived blog by one of the devs, darci.
darci goes into detail about some pretty heavy things she went through while they were working on the last update.
the last character added was lix.
lix believes that they're being controlled by a demon they met while swimming in a lake of fire at the edge of hell.
they're also really hot hehe
anyways, they no longer believe in their own free will, which puts them at odds with their rival and ex lover, verin.
verin is passionately committed to liberating hell from hegemony.
and. verin is also hot. i love her. lol.
omg i forgot to even tell you the name of the game. the netplay is solid, we gotta play sometime. it's hell lovers: perpetua.
lix has the power to control their opponent for half-second intervals to combo break or take them off guard.
i've been thinking about this character a lot because i've been feeling like i don't control much in my life.
it's been feeling less and less like i control anything. do i even want control?
do i want to change the world like verin? most of the time i just want small moments with the people i care about.
i want to love and feel loved.
love has got to be possible, even in hell.
lately, even the little things that give me life are under threat. i want to fight for my friends.
that's why i've decided to main verin. you should play hell lovers and main lix!
you remind me of lix, just a little. hehe.
oh shit my boss is dming me that's not good. bye bye i'll talk to you soon!!
user bel666 is offline.

Queer Games Telethon

queer games telethon flyer with acts daphnismxxn, luciform, pepper jean, starlybri, wormmother
incredible lineup. you can see everyone's sets in the vod below.
in an unlikely turn of events, we went to heaven. predictably, it was yandere heaven.

I jump on the stream about midway through so you can check that segment out as well.

Next time

The next issue is called Next Time. Ehehee I'm so obnoxious with the issue titles. It'll be available to paid subscribers, as per the cycling release schedule that resets every month.

tldr: there are two posts per month available only to paid subscribers, one post available to all registered subscribers, and one that's public to everybody on the damn internet.

If you can, please subscribe! It gets you access to more of my work and helps me sustain this project by supporting my labor financially and helping pay for operational costs.

If you've got thoughts, feedback, feelings, please feel free to email me at daphnis (dot) mxxn (at) pm (dot) me. I'm working on setting the reply-to email address, so you'll probably be able to just respond to this email next time. I'm gonna replace this with a web form because I just realized this is going on the website but it's whatever, for now.

I'm completely blown away by Machine Girl's OST for Neon White. I only listen to this now. My resting heart rate will never go below 120bpm.

   .JOOOEL.        __.   
 _JF"   (ee   .Joi"ieL_ 
 Fo)    `4F_ OiF"   (eo 
OE)        EEe)      (EO
OE)        ee        (FO
Oe)                  (EO
EE)    by daphnis    (eE 
 FF)       mxxn     (eO 
  (ee              EF)  
  `4Fi            _FF`  
     OFO)        eE     
      "FFL_    (oF"     
        (oEe ioFe       
see you next time, space vampire